The numbers, skills and winners! The first 6 months of LWR

It has been a great 6 months for London Women’s Racing. Our goal was simple- to create an environment that encouraged women of all abilities to come and race and have fun in the process.

There have been some awesome moments during the Spring League where we have watched riders develop, gain confidence and take on new challenges. Whether it was your first time racing, or you are a seasoned racer wanting to race in a larger women’s field, everyone can say they have achieved something to feel proud of. Next up is the Summer league, and with races open and filling up already, don’t wait to get your entries in for a chance to be a part of the exciting calendar. 

There have been some brilliant moments throughout the spring league. Here are a few of our highlights, let us know what yours were!

The kick off! 100+ women for the largest ever training day held for Women in the UK. The entry numbers started at 40, we extended it 3 times more to accommodate. Who knew there were so many of us wanting to race out there in London?  Check out our super video of the day.


The skills. All those racers who managed a lone break away in a race, notably Aoife Doherty of 5th Floor in round 2 at Cyclopark.


The numbers.  On average we encouraged over 20 LWR members to each of the spring league races, with an average field size of c.30 at every race – who remembers those days of 4 ladies on the line and races being cancelled? There is still a lot of work to be done, including encouraging organisers to avoid calendar clashes, but let’s hope it will soon be a distant memory.





The great LWR Crystal Palace entry. This race series always sells out fast, but i’m pretty sure we set a record for the LWR round and we even poached 5 spots from the men’s race!





The feedback. Everyone loves good feedback, and we are no exception. We’ve had incredible comments and lovely write ups. Michelle Arthurs-Brennen (Masion du Velo) told us:

“I gave up [racing] last time because it was both scary and not very rewarding, this time around it’s completely different.”




John Mullineaux – his guidance on the finish line has been invaluable.After all what can be difficult about placing 30 women on a finish line?






Huw Williams – no one is more energetic about filling a race than Huw is.






The prize pot, and what a pot it was. Just you wait for summer, racing fans. As always thanks to our sponsors Rapha UK, Yellow Jersey Insurance, Pedal Bites, OTE Sports, Schwalbe UK, Champion Systems and Super Domestique for your continued support on our journey.

I remember writing the first blog, the week we launched and hoping we could pull it off. We had spent so many months working on the League and all we needed were members to sign up and race. That is exactly what you did. For me, the best thing has been enjoying racing again and meeting lots of brilliant, inspiring and like minded women along the way.

Thank you for all of your support. Look forward to seeing you on the line for the LWR Summer League!


*Editor’s note: Charmaine did very well in the spring league, coming 4th overall in the Cat 2 league whilst running LWR! Nice work, Char!



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