Report | LWR Summer League – Race 03 | Hannah Troop

RACE 03 | 09th July 2016 | CC London:  Hog (with half the) Hill | Redbridge


start line briefing

Having only raced on one crit circuit to date, lining up on a new course is almost like starting over again. I’d heard Hog Hill was a good circuit, a small climb in each lap, adds another dynamic to a race, and by the last few laps it definitely starts to burn.

As always, London Women’s Racing pulls a good sized field in, which is so good to see and race. Quite often women’s races can only pull in ten or less entrants, which can be really disappointing. Especially if it means only the first three finishes are awarded points. But that’s a separate matter.

The racing on Saturday was great, although a bit pedestrian at times. It would have been better with a few more attacks or a harder pace set on the front. It almost feels like people are too nervous to go out there and give it their all. With this type of racing a break never gets away, as there’s always fresh legs to chase it down and bring it back. I know I’m certainly going to try some different tactics—although I probably shouldn’t be admitting that here!

My fellow team-mate attempted a great attack on the final lap. Although unfortunately just didn’t quite have the legs to take her all the way to the line—but nothing ventured, nothing gained. With so many fresh legs the chase was on to bring her back and a bunch sprint inevitable. With an uphill straight to the finish line, it was fun in a painful kind of way!

The other aspect that is great about this course, is the speed you take the corners. If cornering is a skill you’re looking to improve, then this circuit will benefit you. The bends can be taken at furious speeds, and being skilful enough to sweep through them without touching the brakes takes nerves, yet rewards you with the tactical edge of reduced fatigue.

This is a technical circuit with many facets for helping improve and hone handling skills. With a large field riding it, it was great fun—if you haven’t already I highly recommend taking on the infamous ‘Hogenberg.’


sprint finish… Hannah in 5th place!