Introducing: Your LWR Committee 2017

We’re delighted to introduce your 2017 London Women’s Racing committee! Find out a bit more about each of the excellent people steering LWR this year, what their role is, and why they decided to volunteer to help make this the best year for Women’s Racing in London (and the surrounding areas) yet! Also, if you think you might be interested in helping us out at a race, signing people on, taking pictures for Twitter and Instagram, just drop us a line londonwomensracing [at] with ‘volunteering’ as the subject.

bethbrynhodge-chairName: Beth
Twitter: @bethbrynhodge
Bike: A lovely Canyon Ultimate SLX
What you want to ride? A tandem
Role: Chairperson, whip cracker
Why you volunteered: I get a big buzz out of bringing women in cycling together and closing any inequality gaps. LWR gives me a platform to help with some of this.
Fun fact: I love e-bikes. Cophenhagen has a fleet of them as their Boris bikes. Go and ride there sometime!

Nclare-generalsecame: Clare Gillott
Twitter: @gillwaaa
Bike: Canyon Ultimate CF SLX
Role: General Secretary
Why you volunteered: To give back! My racing wheels have been hung up so it’s time to give something back to women’s racing, and is also a great way for me to stay involved*! *eat cake
Fun fact: My nickname is Gilet due to me coming off my bike while attempting to zip one up while riding; knocking myself out and separating my shoulder in the process! Ooof.

janedennyson-membershipName: Jane D
Twitter: @janedennyson
Bike: Canyon Ultimate CF SL in the summer, Brompton for commuting and I’ve just bought an old Planet X TT frame set in the hope of being more aero.
Role: I’m the Membership Secretary – basically setting up membership registrations, answering any queries from members and helping out with prizes
Why you volunteered: To get more women out there racing and riding is the main one. It takes guts to race, but everyone can if they have the tools and LWR can help with that. I’m also passionate about gender equality in racing and LWR can promote that by only working with race organisers with sound ethics.
Fun fact: I’ve an unhealthy fondness for riding Audaxes.

libby-treasurerName: Libby
Twitter: @thelittlesmiler
Bike: BMC SL01 Road Racer… with Lime Green colouring (that’s the best bit!) is the number one… and I also have a Norco CX bike (for muddy fun) and a single speed that’s for commuting (a size too big but it’s very low maintenance!)
Role: Treasurer and odd jobs bod… I pay for stuff. I’ve been involved since the inception so have done a variety of things in that time. I have lots of thoughts!
Why you volunteered: I want to support other women to do their best and learn from each other. I love to see grass roots sports grow and people enjoying themselves because if something we started. And because Beth asked me and I have trouble saying no to helping out!
Fun fact: I own more than 20 cycling caps… and can sometimes ride no hands around corners!

juliec-ttsecName: Julie Chasin
Twitter: @ridesforbagels 
Bike: Definitely guilty of N+1 in my living room: At TT’s you’ll find me on my Cervelo P3. When I’m climbing mountains or chasing around Surrey in the summer it’s my Cervelo R5. In the winter I’m a titanium fan getting in the base miles on my sky blue Seven or else I’m splashing through mud and pretending that I know what I’m doing at CX races on my Cannondale SuperX.
Role: Organising the time trial series with Kathryn.
Why you volunteered: To help get more women discovering time trialling! Taking part in the former SEWTTS womens TT league series as a newbie on a road bike 2 years ago was how I got started TTing and got hooked! I was impressed by the work that the LWR team did to help promote womens racing last year and [with the SEWTTS series no longer running] am excited to join them this year to help start a new women’s time trial series within the LWR umbrella.
Fun fact: I spent 4 months researching and shopping for my TT bike. Then when I finally bought one I was afraid to ride it. It sat in my living room for nearly 6 weeks before I had the courage to take it outside and ride! Of course by the time I’d ridden to the end of my street I’d fallen in love!

Nkathryn-TT-secame: Kathryn Morris
Twitter: @katajenka
Bike: Focus Izalco Chrono Max TT bike What you want to ride? This one hopefully! I just got it to replace my old Focus and am looking forward to testing it out on some TTs
Role: Assisting setting up the TT League with Julie.
Why you volunteered: It was SEWTTS TT League that got me into the sport a couple of years ago giving me others at a novice level to compete against; winning your category is hugely encouraging when you are still a fair way off those winning the events. I’m keen to bring a ladies TT league back to encourage others to get hooked. Time trialling has always been a key component for anyone serious about racing so is great to be able to include this under LWR umbrella which has made a huge difference to racing in London and the SE.
Fun fact: I am my club’s Women’s Downhill Champion; a prize won by the unlikely combination of significant cake eating and wearing a skin suit.

alex-racesecName: Alex
Twitter: @racingcondor
Bike: My favourite bike is my 9 year old Condor Leggero which my (now) wife bought me when I bought her an engagement ring! The bike I’d love would be made from components by AX Lightness and Extralite weigh next to nothing. Sadly I’m far too sensible to buy that.
Role: I’m the spreadsheet guy. I help build the calendar and collate the points / rankings while the league runs.
Why you volunteered: With the birth of my daughter 2 years ago I knew I wouldn’t have time to race so thought I should give back to the sport that’s given me so much. I’ve always been a huge believer in equality so the gap in opportunity between men’s and women’s cycling seemed like an obvious area to make a difference.
Fun fact: I race bikes, I run fairly well and I considered Tri but gave up when I found out I can’t do front crawl without turning left.

jc-websiteName: JC
Twitter: @jamescorlett
Bike: Giant TCX cross bike for the mud, Boardman TK for the track and Pinarello Paris for tarmac.
Role: I keep the website up to date with the latest info and create LWR’s graphics.
Why you volunteered: To give back to the wider cycling community. Many of my best friends and riding buddies are racing girls, so having the chance to make a difference to the cycling scene in London for women was a no brainer!
Fun fact: I get sunburnt on the bike even when it is snowing.

hannahnicklin-soc-medName: Hannah Nicklin
Twitter: @hannahnicklin
Bike: I’m still racing on the endurance bike I did a (slow) Ironman on in 2015! Getting to Cat 2 last year on my Cannondale Synapse was the permission I needed to invest in a race bike. My Canyon WMN CF SLX 8.0 in matte black is so new it hasn’t arrived yet. My VCL teamie Emma says I have to put red bar tape on it.
Role: Social media! I’m who you’ll talk to (usually) if you’re contacting us via Twitter, fb or Instagram.
Why you volunteered: LWR was instrumental in me starting racing last year. LWR and grassrotts women-run initiatives like it are absolutely invaluable in raising the profile and improving the experience of women’s racing. I wouldn’t be where I am, with the skills, knowledge and friends I have now without LWR, so it’s a no-brainer to help out where I can.
Fun fact: My season goal is to learn to ride with no hands well enough that I can put a jacket on without fearing for my life. Though having read Clare’s Fun Fact I’m not sure I might reconsider!

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