Race Calendars & 2017 Membership

London womens racing membership graphic listing membership benefits - same as those listed in the article.

We’re delighted to launch our 2017 league membership and race calendars, and the 2017 membership portal!

There are two leagues this year – one focussing on crit racing, with the exciting addition of a road race. And a brand new TT league!

  • You can find out more and book races for the crit/RR league on this page.
  • You can find out more and book races for the TT league on this page.

To compete in the league you will a) need to sign up to LWR as a member and b) then sign up to the races you wish to compete in in the Crit/RR or TT league. You will also need a valid 2017 British Cycling Race License. If you have ANY questions about any of that. Drop us a line on Twitter, Facebook, or email!

03For those of you who don’t know London Women’s League aims to encourage novice and cat 3/4 riders to focus on specific races throughout the season, meaning you’ll race in a supportive and well-attended environment. There will always be members of the committee and volunteers around to answer all your questions at races, and league points on offer (different to British Cycling points – read more here) with specific league prizes to be won. To compete in the league you need to sign up (whether or not you’re a member of an affiliated club.) You’ll also need a British Cycling race license. If you’re unsure how to get one of those we recommend calling them up instead of trying to figure out the website. They’re really quick to help.

But it’s not just the races, it’s also about the community. If you join in 2017 you’ll get:

  • A Crit and Road Race League – bringing together women around specific races, focussing on cat 3/4
  • TT league with great prizes.
  • Training days (subject to organisers’ fees, both on crit racing skills, and one on TT skills specifically), and a recce of a road race route.
  • Info and advice for new and potentially new racers on the blog and fb group.
  • Social events!
  • Roundtables and advocacy to improve women’s cycling in London & the SE.
  • Talks and events on topics such as physio for injury prevention, strength and conditioning.
  • And some fabulous league and spot prizes from our (tba) sponsors.

And, as your committee, we will listen you – if you think we should be doing something and we have the resources, we’ll do it! If you’re a Cat 2 or above, we’d love you to join to support the grassroots of novice racing, and to take advantage of the events and advocacy. We don’t have the resources to support e12 league this year, but we’re also eager to hear from you – what can we do to support the higher level of racing in London and the SE within the resources we have available?img_0871

There’s already a February LWR-affiliated race training day up and available to book, info up here. More to come soon on our super-great league sponsors (and therefore prizes) plus a date for a members’ physio and injury prevention talk, and a specialist TT training day to get you all ready for the brand new TT league starting in March.

What are you waiting for, join now!

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