Race Report: LWR TT Series Event 1

Co-TT Sec Kathryn Morris reports on the gloriously well attended first TT of the 2017 LWR League. To read the full results, head over to the TT Results Page.

RACE REPORT: Farnborough and Camberley Cycling Club H10/8 on 11th March – LWR TT Series Event 1IMG_20170311_112756.jpg

There was a fantastic turnout for the 1st event in our LWR TT series; 38 women registered with the league rode, creating a real buzz of excitement at the HQ in Bentley. It was this atmosphere of competition and encouragement that we so hoped the league will facilitate. Our largest category was ‘Road Bike’, with many taking part in their first TT, however there were also some extremely accomplished Testers who rode some very fast times; we are also delighted to have them taking part in the league. We were fortunate to have a fairly still day with the morning fog clearing as the first riders set off.

The winner of our fastest category Aero1 was Kate Allan of Drag2Zero who at 21:31 also won the women’s race overall. Her toddler was there to cheer mum on! Sophie Household of SSLL Racing Team came in 2nd with an impressive time of 22:41.


Aero 2 Winner, Jo Billings.

There was close competition in our Aero2 category; Jo Billings secured the win with a time of 25:32 and just 7s later Genia Marek took 2nd place followed by Jo McCrae 6s after her. Jo and Genia were racing under LWR CC, a club specifically set up for riders without a club or with non-CTT affiliated clubs could take part. Jo McCrae has been very supportive of the league and recently gave a talk; ‘Winterproofing your Body’ for LWR riders.   

Our Aero3 Category was primarily for those with road bikes with aero kit and those who are experienced racers but new to TT (BC Cat2+ racers) who did not have any PBs. We had some very fast times in this category; it was won by Laura Cameron of ‘Boot Out Breast Cancer CC’ who rode her first TT and with a time of 24:41 was actually 5th lady in the whole event. She was closely followed by two others riding sub 25min times: Antonia Hutchinson from Regents Park Roulers just 4s behind and Kath Hibbert from Islington CC at 24:54.

Road Bike

Jennifer Millmore, Road Bike cat winner.

There were very impressive times in our Road Bike Category; the win was taken by Jennifer Millmore of Islington CC who at 25:14 came in faster than the winners of our Aero2 category on TT bikes! Just 4s behind was Therese Coen of London Phoenix; these ladies came in 9th & 10th overall in the women’s race. Another 3s later at 25:21 Sophie Slaney of Twickenham CC took 3rd place.

Finally our Road Bike Vet category was won by Sarah Allewell of Kent Velo Girls with a smashing time of 27:11. Sarah felt she’d ridden a super strong race but there was a nail biting wait during the presentations whilst the timekeepers had to work out her time after

Road Bike Vet

Road Bike Vet winner Sarah Allewell

missing three results. Second place was Sarah Odell of CC London who came in with an impressive 27:39.   

Special thanks to volunteers from FCCC who helped calm the nerves of some TT newcomers on the start line; there were some slight wobbles as some had their bike’s held up for the first time. Big thanks too to Debs who accidently went to the organiser’s house in Fleet instead of HQ, missed her start time but was invaluable help in collating all the results!

I hope everyone enjoyed the first event in the league; results all collated here. We’re looking forward to see how riders progress at the next events; Bletchingley next Sunday and then the rest of the events are all open for sign up


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