Co-TT Sec Julie Chasin reports on the fifth TT of the 2017 LWR League. To read the full results, head over to the TT Results Page, and to read about race 1, head over here, race 2, over here, race 3 here and race 4 here. You can also see the Twitter Moment of tweets from the day here.


@Soigneurdog in proud LWR colours.

LWR Event 5: Dulwich Paragon TT – 18.6 Mile Time Trial

Although the weather forecast for the Bank Holiday Monday time trial hosted by Dulwich Paragon was not looking very promising, we all awoke early Monday morning to blue skies and dry roads.  As @Soigneurdog and I drove to Dorking, excited to attend our first LWR time trial and finally get to meet everyone who I only knew as names in the points spreadsheet, I thought that we might just get away with a dry race and make all of the wet weather racing tips I’d posted the night before unnecessary.


Just a few of the cakes on offer!

As the first women started warming up on turbos scattered throughout the car park or on roads near HQ and the men finished their race (Dulwich Paragon kindly grouped the start times of all of the women together for this event) the skies began to cloud over and turn a bit worryingly grey.  By the time Saffron Pinegar went off as first lady there was no doubting it – we ladies were going to get a bit wet!  Fortunately for most of the riders it was just scattered showers, but as I can attest, when it “showered” it showered properly – especially for some of the later riders!  Oh well, at least it was a good opportunity to practice racing on “feel” as it was raining too hard to see anything on a Garmin!  Quite a few ladies stumbled into the village hall at the end of their ride dripping wet, but they were fortunately met with a warm cup of tea and some delicious home baked cakes from the Dulwich volunteers.  Cheers to veteran racer Katie Crowe for reminding me to change out of my wet kit and put on dry clothes!

me (chasin) racing

Julie out on the wet course!

Rain aside, this was another great event, this time ran from Beare Green Village Hall near Dorking.  Despite the weather there were relatively few DNS’s and 30 women took to the start line, making for a nearly 50/50 split in numbers of men and women competing.   The hall was full of lively chatter both pre and post race as riders exchanged pre-race tips and post-race tales.  We had a good balance of women competing in a time trial for their very first time, a few women who were novices earlier in the season and some well-seasoned veterans.

We even had a few racing on tired legs such as first-timer Louise Harris who had just returned from the six day Giro Sardinia, Helen Bridgman who had done a crit race the day before and Maryka Sennema who raced along with Lizzy Deignan in the Tour of Yorkshire two days earlier.

Despite the weather there were relatively few DNS’s and 30 women took to the start line, making for a nearly 50/50 split in numbers of men and women competing.

Along with the generous and equal prizes that Dulwich Paragon offered to the top men and women on both TT and road bikes, London Women’s Racing member and sponsor Jo McCrae generously donated signed copies of her fantastic strength and conditioning book Ride Strong as prizes for the winners of each of our categories in this race.


LWR Aero1 category winner, Elise Sherwell.

For the second race in a row the winner of the LWR Aero1 category was Elise Sherwell.  Despite forgetting her turbo to warm-up on and having much of her race in the rain, she was also fastest lady of the event with a decisive time of 45:36.   In second place with a time of 46:41 was Ruth Summerford, followed closely behind by Maryka Sennema with a time of 47:07.  Both Elise and Kate Allen now have two first place wins in Aero1 – will either of them win another event and take top spot in the category…?

For the third race in a row the winner of Aero2 was Jennifer Millmore with a strong time of 48:36. She is looking unbeatable at the moment!  With a few riders away the Aero2 category was uncharacteristically low on numbers this week, but Sarah Phelps still posted a solid time of 50:23, followed by Jennifer Crouch earning points for the third best time of 52:08.

The battle for top spot in Aero3 was pretty close yet again. Rebecca Goodwin took the win in the end with a time of 51:09.  Lucy Hern was close behind with a time of 51:20 and Cat Benger was just two seconds behind her finishing in 51:22.   We’re looking forward to seeing what happens in this category!


Jacintha Hamilton-Love, who didn’t get lost this time 😉

Happily for her, and unfortunately for her category mates, Jacintha Hamilton-Love did not have any navigation issues this race and stormed to the victory in the road bike category with a fantastic time of 48:27.  Rumour has it she’s purchased a TT bike – uh oh! Helen Sharp finished a few minutes behind with a still impressive time of 52:54.  This was her first time trial and she reported back that she may need to work on pacing.  Join the club Helen! 🙂 Debra Ogden finished just 5 seconds behind with a time of 52:59.
I’m also happy to report that our Road Bike Vet category was looking strong this week with six riders taking part.  Caroline Reuter won the category for the second week in a row with a time of 51:06.  Sarah Alewell was back for her second race in the series and earned points with her second place finishing time of 54:00. And first time tester Gill Thom of the Kingston Wheelers took points for third place in the category with a time of 57:25.

Congrats to everyone who raced and especially to those who gave time trialling a go for their first time in this event. It was far from ideal conditions, but great to still see everyone out there grimacing on the road and smiling in HQ. Hopefully the sun will be shining for our next event – Race 5, hosted by our sponsors Elite Cycling on May 13th!

Sign up to more of the series’ TTs via links on the TT League Calendar. 

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