A report by TT Co-Secretary Julie Chasin, from the 8th TT of the 2017 LWR League. To read about race 1, head over here, race 2, over here, race 3here, race 4here, race 5 here, race 6 here, and race 7 here. Full and final League standings will be published ASAP, at the same time as the crit/RR league results and final standings. Thanks to everyone who took part in the 2017 TT league, and to all of our wonderful sponsors!

Time Trial Race 8 Race Report. June 17th – 10 miles F11/10

@soigneur dog says stay hydratedAfter so many crack-of-dawn, cold, and wet starts, our grand finale event finished with a mid-day race on a scorcher of a day!  Under bright blue skies 21 LWR women (and one panting @soigneurdog) could be seen in the car park and roads surrounding race HQ, dripping in sweat as they tried to warm up without overheating before the famously fast F11/10 on Sunday,  June 17th.  Fortunately the F11/10 lived up to it’s reputation producing some top results to finish up our series.

With it’s fast reputation the F11/10 is a very popular course and is often difficult to get an entry slot without an existing fast PB.  Fortunately race organisers Hemel Hempstead CC designated this race as one giving priority to women entrants, so it was great to see so many women getting to race it even without time trial bikes. Our Road Bike Vets category was won for the second time this series by Twickenham rider Anna Goldsmith in a time of 26:44.  The


Marieke Suesse, in her aero bandages!

Road Bike category was won by Marieke Suesse of CC London.  This was Marieke’s first time trial and she did it while still covered in bandages from a crash earlier in the week!  Perhaps bandages are more aero than we thought!? Helen Frater was not far behind with a time of 25:52 and her fellow Islington CC teammate Laura Vipond finished third in a time of 26:29.  

Our Aero 3 category was won for the second time this series by Cat Benger.   She was followed shortly behind by Nancy Staniland with a time of 25:14.  Unfortunately both Lucy Francis and Rachel Przbylski flew past the first turn and did not have quite the race they’d hoped for.  Despite adding on a few extra miles due to this “detour,” Lucy still continued on, passing the finish line in a time of 30:47.

kat benger

Kat Benger, winner of Aero3

Finishing the series with 6 wins out of 7 races entered, Islington’s Jennifer Millmore took top honours in Aero 2 with an impressive time of 22:38. It should be noted that Jennifer has raced this entire season on a road bike with clip on bars. We shudder to think how fast she’ll be if she returns next year with a more aero set up! Jo Billings raced in her third LWR event finishing second with a time of 23:12, followed closely behind by TT Co-Secretary Kathryn Morris with a PB time of 23:41.  

kate allen

Kat Allen – Aero1 winner

In Aero 1 Alice Lethbridge decided to DNS and save her legs so that she could break the all time British record for 100 miles in 3:42:37  the following day.  We’ll forgive her 🙂 I also managed to fly by the first turn and was a DNF, leaving just Katie and Kate to duke it out for top spot. Although Katie Crowe had an impressive ride of 22:47, she was the ‘bridesmaid’, finishing behind Kate Allen.  This was Kate’s first time racing the F11 and she smashed out a time of 20:25, finishing first overall woman in the race.  

Unfortunately a few lessons were learned the hard way this event…

  1. Always know the course, and don’t count on marshals or signs to be there to point out turns. A few people (myself included) missed the first turn and had to cycle quite a few extra miles off course. After hearing reports of so many people missing the turn the organiser sent volunteers out to sign-post and marshall it for the later men’s event. We know that there were a few frustrated faces in HQ post race, but at least it’s a good lesson to remember to never count on there being signs or marshals at races. 
  2. And, don’t count on cakes! @soigneurdog was absolutely gutted to have no crumbs to lick up as there was a bit of a mix up and the race organisers didn’t have any tea or cake! Come on, that’s the only reason we race! 🙂

But despite the lack of cake, there was still a good buzz in the HQ and we thank everyone who stuck around for our race and overall series prize giving presentation.  

rapha overall prize

A fabulous prize! Full League standings published ASAP…  

Kathryn and I have loved running the LWR TT series this year. Seeing so many new faces out racing for the first time and then seeing them come back to do it again has been exactly what we’d hoped this series would bring.  It has made such a positive difference in our racing to have other women out there doing it as well. We have been so happy to be able to carry on the tradition that got us both started and provide a league that would make time trialling friendly and accessible to women of all levels of experience and with all levels of kit. We appreciate the generosity of our sponsors Rapha, No Pinz, Velotoze, Jo McRae and Sram who agreed to not only provide prizes to our fastest racers, but to provide equal prizes to the fastest racers of each of our five categories. We have loved seeing the little mini competitions that the categories have provided and hope that they have given you some motivation as well!

We’ll be posting the official overall league standings at the same time as the crit/rr league, ASAP, and also announcing our end of league LWR PARTY, so stay tuned! The fun isn’t over yet…

whole gang

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