2018 Crit/RR Results

2018 Results

Race 7 – Women’s Grand Prix Crit

The sun shone brightly for the last round of our LWR 2018 league. We finally got to race at Cyclopark after our first fixture was cancelled due to snow. It was a 3/4 cat race run by SERRL as a warm up for the Women’s Grand Prix, which is part of the Women’s Team Series.

Cyclopark2_June2018It was a hesitant start from the bunch as we all got used to racing the circuit in an anti-clockwise direction for the first time, which was a little bit weird! Anna Harborow from Brixton Cycles and Yewande Adesida from Velociposse were the quickest to get used to the circuit as they began attacking early. The back part of the circuit was a good opportunity to attack up the hill and try to split the pack.

The commissaire had warned us that there would be Primes during the race. As we came part the start/finish we were notified by a blow of the whistle that the next lap was a Prime. This made for event more attacks during the race and plenty of excitement (and tired legs!). There were three Primes in total, the last of which came in the penultimate lap just to keep things interesting and smash our legs a little more!


As none of the attacks had managed to get away during the race, it was going to be a bunch sprint for the finish. Yewande took the initiative first and attacked on the last hill on the back part of the course. Unfortunately it wasn’t to be as she overcooked the final hairpin, but she still took the award for the most combative rider of the day.

All her attacking paid off as Anna Harborow took third place overall and our top placing LWR 3rd cat in the race. Congratulations to Rosi Digne-Malcolm from Velociposse who was our top placing LWR 4th cat and came 7th overall, which gave her the points she needed to get her 3rd cat licence.


I am so grateful to everyone who came out to race in the league this year. I hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as I have. It’s such a wonderful, supportive community of women who race hard but then can have a good laugh together off the circuit. I look forward to seeing everyone at more races over the summer and to next year’s league!

LWR Race 7 Results

Pos Name Club
1 Anna Harborow Brixton Cycles Club
2 Amy Marks CC London
3 Helen Bridgman Kingston Wheelers CC
4 Rosin Digne-Malcolm Velociposse
5 Charlotte Van Zyl Kingston Wheelers CC
6 Catherine Grayson Velociposse
7 Esme Cole Kingston Wheelers CC
8 Alice Pyne Islington CC
9 Yewande Adesida Velociposse
10 Amy Johnson West Suffolk (was Dulwich Paragon)

Race 6 – CCL Hog with the Occasional Hill Crit

Hog Hill, home to the mighty “Hoggenberg” is such a great circuit and the race on 12 May was being run by CCL, so we just had to select it for the league. The format is slightly different to the Hog Hill league that runs at Redbridge every Thursday night, with the Hill only being used every 12 minutes or so. In reality it meant the race went up the hill just three times during the 45 minute crit.


A strong field of 31 women took to the start line, including 12 of our LWR league members. The attacks started early from league co-secretary, Viv Tomlin, and Karen Tostee of Hub Velo but nothing was quite sticking. The first time up the Hoggenberg started to change the game as the pack began to break up. There was also a little bit of jostling for position which left some trying to stay upright as they left the tarmac.

The skies darkened and the heavens opened around half way through the race, just to add a bit more of a challenge! Unfortunately that meant a few riders punctured and were unable to finish the race, including our most combative rider of the day, Karen Tostee. The rest battled through the rain and continued apace.


As the race wound up in the last few laps, it was all to play for. I managed to find myself in a good position towards the front of the bunch and as we rounded the last corner I gave it all I had all the way to the line. I had the words of my coach in my ears – whatever happens get out of the saddle and sprint – and so I did! And I discovered that I had a little bit more to give and was able to squeeze 9th overall just before the line. The hill training of the previous Wednesday definitely had a positive effect on me and put me in the position of top placing LWR 3rd cat of the day.

Congratulations to our top placing 4th cat, Catherine Grayson of Velociposse, who was racing for the first time at the circuit and in her first LWR league race.

A huge thank you again to CCL and everyone involved in organising the race and to all our racers. We hope you’ll give Hog Hill another go this season.


LWR Race 6 Results

Pos Name Club
1 Helen Bridgman Kingston Wheelers CC
2 Anna Harborow Brixton Cycles Club
3 Amy Marks CC London
4 Emma Pickering Dulwich Paragon
5 Carolyn Swan Kent Velo Girls CC
6 Abigail Langley Thanet RC
7 Catherine Grayson Velociposse
8 Helen Sharp West Suffolk (was Dulwich Paragon)

Race 5 – Hackney Primavera Crit

The sun was out for our second crit race of the season and it was finally time to get rid of the long tights and jackets (hopefully for good)! We were back at Lee Valley Velopark, this time with CC Hackney, who put on a whole afternoon’s festival of racing for all ages.

The women’s race was the last of the day and a strong field of 31 1/2/3/4 cats took to the line for 50 minutes of furious racing.


The Liv AWOL girls put in plenty of attacks to keep things interesting, but nothing was sticking and no one managed to get away. It was great to see Jen Kingwell of Twickenham CC put in a cheeky attack of her own halfway through the race to get everyone chasing. Jen finished strong and was our top placing 4th cat of the race. A few others had a go, including me, which ended with a surprise prize of most combative rider for the race!

Kate MacLeod of Twickenham CC had another strong race, finishing 9th overall and our top placed 3rd cat, closely followed by Amy Marks of CC London. It’s turning out to be a close battle for the overall league between these two newbie racers, who are currently sitting first and second.

CC Hackney were great hosts again this year – thank you for having us!

LVVP winners

Race 5 Winners!

LWR Race 5 Results

Pos Name Club
1 Kate MacLeod Twickenham CC
2 Amy Marks CC London
3 Jen Kingwill Twickenham CC
4 Helen Bridgman Kingston Wheelers CC
5 Abigail Langley Thanet RC
6 Carolyn Swan Kent Velo Girls CC
7 Judit Szarka Dirty Wknd
8 Emma Pickering Dulwich Paragon CC
9 Rebecca Fawcett Lovelo Cinelli RT

Race 4 – CCL Road Race

Last Sunday was the second of the road races in our 2018 league calendar. This time we were in Essex for the inaugural CC London Women’s Road Race, which took place on the Wendens Ambo Course. This circuit lived up to expectations and proved to be an exciting and challenging circuit for all racers.

After a long neutralised roll out to the course, the peloton hit the main hill, which they would repeat every lap of the seven lap race, and the race began. From the drop of the flag Alice Lethbridge from drag2zero took to the front and set a punchy pace that quickly began to blow the peloton apart. Before the end of the first lap, Alice took off with Kelly Murphy from C2 Racing, and they raced 2-up until Kelly punctured. This left Alice to solo to victory in a 40 mile TT effort! Alice is a national TT champion for a very good reason – she treated us to a masterclass in an inspiring show of strength and ability.

Back in the main peloton, Anna Harborow of Brixton CC was having a cracking race. Working well with the group, she was clearly on form and ended her race as our top placing 3rd cat and in 16th position overall.

Newbie road racers Esme Cole from Kingston Wheelers and Amy Marks from CCL also had a storming race, keeping the pace of the peloton for as long as they could. They ended up doing a 2-up together for the rest of the race and crossed the finish line in 23rd and 24th place.

Charlotte Van Zyl from Kingston Wheelers, also in her first ever road race, was our top placing 4th cat. Starting from the back with the other newbie racers she worked her way up to a group which was formed of about eight riders, including fellow LWR racers, Yewande Adesida of Velociposse and Carolyn Swan from Kent Velo Girls. Both Yewe and Carolyn were having a great race, pacing up the hills and working hard in the group. Carolyn just pipped Yewe to the Most Combative rider prize in the race!

Big shout out to Helena Knightly and Judit Szarka who were representing Dirty Wknd. It was their first road race too and they did LWR and their club proud. Well done everyone who raced – hope it didn’t take you too long to warm up afterwards!

CCL is resolute in leveling the playing field in cycling and this race is one of many steps the club is taking to action that. The women rode on the same course, of equal distance and equal prize money as the men’s race in the morning. This is one of the many reasons that we love partnering with CCL!

CCl RR winners.jpg

Our LWR CCL RR Winners

LWR Race 4 Results

Pos Name Club
1 Anna Harborow Brixton Cycles Club
2 Esme Cole Kingston Wheelers CC
3 Amy Marks CC London
4 Gemma Lord CC London
5 Yewande Adesida Velociposse
6 Carolyn Swan Kent Velo Girls CC
7 Abigail Langley Thanet RC
8 Helen Bridgman Kingston Wheelers CC
9 Charlotte Van Zyl Dirty Wknd
10 Judit Szarka Kingston Wheelers CC
11 Helena Knightley BellaVelo
12 Jen Kingwill Twickenham CC
13 Judit Szarka Dirty Wknd

Race 3 – Lovelo Cinelli Road Race

Race report by Dani Shrosbree

My first ever road race,  i wasn’t sure what to expect. I knew I was throwing myself in the deep end with the size field and long distance, but with the bad weather and road surfaces, it really was a brutal race.

The first hour of the race I sat in the top bunch, and to be honest, my main focus at this point was trying to keep up right and to avoid as many pot holes and crashes as possible. The torrential rain and spray off the roads made visibility almost impossible. After 40km the race started to break up a little, with some little kicks and breaks being made. One was around a 30 second gap with two girls, but as the climbs  we quickly caught them back up.

Another break was done by me and team mate Fran just to test things out. Once we grouped back together there was now two bunches, the second bunch about 15 seconds behind. With the road conditions so bad and the cold consistent downpour of rain, it made it a real struggle to reach for food in your pockets, so this was a good test of bike skill! Once again team mate Fran and another girl made another big break at around 65km and held away for a good 15km, but with some strong turns by a few of us we were back as a group.

As the final 35km approached I found myself on the front quite a lot, something I am slowly learning to do less off. With a few punches up the last final hills, we were down to a group of about 15, but no one really wanting to commit to a big move. This group stayed together and as we approached the 500m sign I was still on the front and knew it would be hard to cling on. The bunch closed in, elbows were out and the sprint was on, two girls passed then I kicked back at them, with the last 100m I had ran out of gas, but managed to cling onto 5th position!  Such a tough  first race but a great experience to kick off the season!


LWR Race 3 Results

Pos Name Club
1 Eeva Sarlin Velociposse
2 Danielle Shrosbree CC London
3 Emma Pickering Dulwich Paragon CC
4 Karen Tostee Hub Velo
5 Helen Sharp Twickenham CC
6 Annie McBain Spokes BPC Racing
7 Millie Citton VC Londres

Race 2 – Full Gas winter series at Lee Valley VeloPark


After the first race at Cyclopark was cancelled due to the snow, our 2018 Crit/RR league kicked off at LVVP with 27 racers making it to the start line.

With the 4th cats setting off with a half lap handicap over the rest of the field, the pace from the chasing peloton was quick from the off. The leading riders were soon caught with a strong effort by the chasing riders before Mathilde Pauls (Sigma Sports x Threo) broke away in the final laps keeping the chasers away to take the overall win. The reduced peloton behind was down to a bunch sprint, with Gemma Lord (CCL), Lucie Hogger (Velociposse) and Amy Marks taking the LWR podium.

Yewande Adesida won the chocs and socks for most combative rider after continuously attacking her group and a strong finish sprinting clear over the line.

Chapeau to Gemma Lord who now has her 3rd cat licence after coming 5th overall and Amy Marks finishing strongly in her first race in 7th place (with an Elite and two 1st cats on the start line!)


Yewande Adesida

LWR Race 2 Results

Pos Name Club
1 Gemma Lord CC London
2 Lucie Hogger Velociposse
3 Amy Marks CC London
4 Sally White Velociposse
5 Rachel Francis London Dynamo
6 Abigail Langley Thanet RC
7 Meg Pugh Islington Cycling Club
8 Kate MacLeod Twickenham CC
9 Yewande Adesida Velociposse
10 Rebecca Fawcett Lovelo Cinelli RT
11 Emma Pickering Dulwich Paragon CC
12 Marta Sucharska Velociposse