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What is LWR?

London Women’s Racing (LWR) is a platform from which we envisage various women’s racing leagues operating. Rather than people signing up to individual leagues, we are asking individuals and clubs to sign up to be part of LWR. In return, for joining LWR all members receive access to all forums, training days (subject to organiser’s charges) and the LWR Leagues (also subject to organiser’s charges).

Can I join LWR if I’m not a member of a club?

Yes, individuals can join LWR. We highly recommend that you do join a club though, as it’s a great way to access organised training sessions and rides, learn how to ride safely in a bunch, meet new people to ride with and make great friends. See our list of affiliated clubs, or check out British Cycling’s club finder to find one near you.

I’ve never raced before. Can I just enter and turn up or do I need some training first?

We don’t insist that novice racers attend training before entering their first race, but we strongly encourage it. We organise training sessions and provide information on other training that’s available in the local area. You’ll enjoy your first few races much more if you’ve had some guidance on how to hold a wheel, follow a line and corner in a bunch.

As we did in 2019, all those that attend any LWR affiliated training sessions will be given 10 league points – easy! Regardless of category all LWR members should attend! You learn something new every day!

I’m only a fourth cat. What’s in it for me?

We’ve deliberately designed our leagues so that everyone has something to race for. It’s where you finish in the race against other LWR members, not where you finish in the race itself. So if you’re a keen 4th cat and turn up to a race without any LWR 3rd cats, you could take home maximum points. Everyone gets league points when they finish a race, giving their club or team a shout at snatching the team prize at the end of the series.

Do league points count toward the British Cycling rankings?

No. League points count toward the LWR rankings only. Each race will award BC points in addition to this, based on the category of race.

What if I rode in a race that’s part of the LWR League before joining the League?

Sorry. We won’t award League points retrospectively for races you rode in before joining LWR. You must join first.