How it all began


With more of us taking up cycling and racing, London needed a league where women could start racing, develop their skills and enjoy a little healthy competition.

Devised by Tabitha Rendall and Maryka Sennema, Rebecca Slack and Maria David, the original league known as London Women’s Cycle Racing (established in 2010) brought together London-based female cyclists at a series of designated races.

There were winners and losers on the circuit, and many a friendship formed. Prizes were offered at all levels and women from 4th Cats to Elites had an incentive to race and improve.

The league filled a hole in the racing scene and became so successful it attracted women from all over London and the surrounding counties. Many riders started racing thanks to the league and some have found success racing for pro and amateur teams as part of the increasingly vibrant women’s racing scene.

The league ran for five years from 2010 to 2014.

2016 saw the creation of London Women’s Racing by Charmaine Rees and Beth Hodge.

2017 saw the addition of our Time Trial league  with the intention of getting more novice women taking part in time trials.

As the London women’s racing scene has changed over the years, so has LWR. In 2020 we hope to continue to meet the current needs of novice racers in London.

The archived London Women’s Cycle Racing site can be found here.