The fine print

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1. This competition is open to all British Cycling Road Racing 3rd and 4th category riders whether they are in a club or a private member. Riders must affiliate to London Women’s Racing (LWR) in order to be included in the competition and score points. Affiliation from riders/clubs outside of London and the South East are also welcome.

2. Affiliation can be done either at individual level or club level. Club affiliation allows an unlimited number of women from the club to be a part of LWR.

3. Affiliation can be completed at any time during the year and must be completed online via Rider HQ; however it must be done before a riders’ first LWR League race as points accrued will not be added retrospectively.

4. Every rider must race for their first claim cycling club as denoted on their British Cycling licence. A rider may race for their second claim cycling club if the first claim club is not affiliated to British Cycling for road racing activities.

5. The LWR Road/Crit League is primarily an individual competitions with rankings focusing on the performance of individual racers. Prizes are awarded to individual racers at the end of the League.

6. Prizes will be awarded to clubs, but this is secondary to the competition. There is no limit to the size of a club’s participation (or team). The LWR League prizes will be awarded at a prize giving event at the end of each league.

7. If a rider changes club during the road racing season her points to date will stay with her previous club.  Any new points gained afterwards will go to the new club.

7.1. The 2020 league is for 3/4 category racers only. If a 3rd category rider moves to 2nd category during the league window, that rider is then not eligible to continue to race in the league but their efforts will be rewarded.

8. At sign-on, riders should put “LWR” in front of their name so that judges are aware that they are participating in the LWR League.

9. Races designated in this League take place under the rules of British Cycling. Riders must therefore be in possession of a British Cycling Racing Licence (or day licence) for the road/circuit races.

10. Racers are awarded points according to their finishing position compared with other LWR League riders in the given race, not according to their absolute finishing position.

11. Points are awarded to all LWR League riders, right down to the last finisher. This includes those who are racing on a day licence. Riders who start but do not finish will be awarded 0 (zero) points, allowing their race to be counted towards final positions.

12. In a race, riders are awarded LWR League points in the order as shown below. Riders who finish below 20th place will be awarded one point each.

Position Points
1st 34
2nd 30
3rd 26
4th 24
5th 22
6th 20
7th 18
8th 16
9th 14
10th 12
11th 11
12th 10
13th 9
14th 8
15th 7
16th 6
17th 5
18th 4
19th 3
20th 2

13. The points awarded to a club will be the sum of the points scored by its top three riders in the race, plus one point for every other rider in the club who completed the race. There is no limit to the number of riders from a club that can take part in a race.

14. The results of the best 4 races out of a possible 8 will count towards the final ranking of a rider in the LWR League, and also for the club’s overall ranking. Only riders who have competed in 4 races will qualify for prizes at the end of the season. Other prizes will not be dependent on number of races ridden. If any races are cancelled, then the number of races to be ridden to qualify for prizes will be reduced accordingly.

15. Where there is a tie break, a count back will be done and the rider with the higher finishing positions through the series is judged as the winner.

16. While every effort is made to stick to the schedule of LWR League races, there may be cause to change the order of the LWR League races due to cancellation of events or other reasons. We therefore reserve the right to alter the race schedule at any time during the season. LWR members will be notified immediately of any changes to the calendar, and we will aim to give as much notice as possible.

17. At the end of each race, a League leader will be designated on the basis of the number of points accumulated so far in the League.

18. LWR is run by a small number of volunteers acting as chair, secretary, treasurer and general workhorse. We count on support and help from affiliated teams and riders to make the league a success. Please get involved and help out where you can!