This is how it works

What do I need?

The Crit/RR league comprises seven races on the British Cycling calendar. You will need a British Cycling licence to take part in the races. Whilst it is possible to race on a provisional or day licence, if you will be taking part in the full league it’s advisable to purchase a full racing licence. A provisional Racing Licence comes with all Bronze, Silver and Gold BC memberships. A full racing licence may be bought as an addition to a Silver or Gold membership. For more information on getting a licence, please visit the BC website ––0.

What else do I need?

Bring with you a sense of fun and your competitive spirit to give it a go!

Do I need to have done any specific training before I race?

For the races we have selected you are not required to have completed any race training sessions, although it’s advisable to have done at least one so you gain the skills and knowledge to race safely. We will post details of forthcoming sessions on the LWR Facebook page as available, or visit

Am I fast enough?

Crit races can be anything from 35 minutes to about an hour, whilst road races are longer (on average around 40-50 miles). We have selected some races that are 3rd and 4th cat only as well as some races that involve higher category riders. As long as you can comfortably complete the distance you will be fine! Everyone has to start somewhere. The women’s racing community is very welcoming and there are often experienced riders on hand at sign on and after the race willing to offer encouragement and support. Don’t be put off if the event is categorised as an E/1/2/3/4 race. It is often safer riding with more experienced racers!

Do I need to be a member of a cycling club?

You don’t need to be a member of a cycling club to register with BC but you will need to be a member of BC to race. You can simply register as a private member. You can then join the crit/RR league, at a one off cost of £10, without being a member of a club. However, if you also wish to take part in the TT league you will need to be a member of a cycling club. See the TT FAQs page for more information.

How much do races cost?

The entry fee for races is usually around £20.

How early should I arrive at an event?

The BC website gives details of the race start time. At crit races there are usually several races happening in one day (and some starting at the same time). Road races can either start in the morning or the afternoon, with only one race happening at a time. Most riders usually aim to reach the HQ about 1-1.5 hours before the start, to collect their number, sign on and get warmed up without rushing.

Can I change there?

Crits and road races will have a designated HQ and there is usually space to change and toilet facilities.

What else should I bring with me?

  • Your bike and all equipment for riding it (helmet, shoes etc).
  • A track pump.
  • Tools, allen keys and spare inner tube.
  • A drink.
  • A gel for that pre-race pick me up!
  • For road races, you should take food and drink with you on the bike.
  • Recovery drink/ food (You usually get a free cup of tea in exchange for returning your race number).
  • Some riders choose to bring a turbo to warm up on, while others warm up on the local roads.

Do I need to have a flash bike to race on?

No, you don’t need to have a swanky bike to race on. As long as it conforms to BC rules governing a road bike (for example, fixies or track bikes aren’t allowed) and it’s safe to use then you can use anything.

If I ride out to the event will I be able to leave my kit somewhere safe while I race?

Yes, it is quite common for cyclists to ride out to events. You can leave kit or clothing at the HQ.

What should I wear?

BC does have some rules about what can be worn at races. Basically, ordinary cycling shorts to mid-thigh, and an ordinary cycling jersey with sleeves (or any other clothing which covers the body in the same way) are acceptable. Sleeveless jerseys are not allowed. If you are riding for a cycling club you must wear your club kit (and this must be for your first claim team). You should not wear clothing showing commercial sponsorship unless your club is a sponsored club.

Do I have to wear a helmet?


Will there be marshals to direct me?

There will be marshals on the course at both crits and road races. In road races, the marshals will ensure the safe passing of the main race through road junctions by stopping traffic.

Where can I see the results?

Results are often displayed back at the HQ, particularly if the races uses transponders. Otherwise, the top finishing racers will be announced at a prize giving. Full results will be available on the BC website a few days after the event. We will be holding our own LWR prize presentation at the end of each race, which we encourage you to wait around for.

LWR will be awarding prizes for the top placing 3rd cat and top placing 4th cat riders, as well as the most combative rider in each race. The final will be at the discretion of the organisers and is meant to promote a competitive spirit during the races.