RACE 01 | 26th June 2016 | London Dynamo | Richmond Park TT

The Spring league isn’t quite over yet, but we have an important announcement about Race 01 of the summer league!

The London Dynamo Richmond Park TT LWR round 1 race goes LIVE tomorrow am!

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Please note! This sells out quick, and this time we are only using the road bike category for LWR points.

Please direct any race related questions to the organiser, details to be found on the link.

It’s a pretty special setting for a race, and if you’ve always wanted to try a TT then you should certainly give this a go!

Clubs and individuals who have entered the LWR Spring league continue to be registered to race the summer league.


RACE 06 | 01st May 2016 |Dulwich Paragon CC: Open Time Trial | Dorking

Sunday saw the first LWR supported Time Trial- a 25km course organised by Serge Bouschet and the team at Dulwich Paragon CC. There was an excellent turnout for the women’s category, with many LWR members taking the opportunity to try a TT for the first time. We asked experienced TT’er, LWR and Dulwich Paragon member Kathryn Morris to tell us about her experience of the day ahead of the latest league results being published.


Kathryn Morris | Don’t look at the bluebells!

I wasn’t sure where to start with writing a race report for the Dulwich Paragon 25km Open Time Trial on Sunday as TT is a very personal endeavour but I hope it may be useful to some to hear how my race went.

I had done my homework so I knew that the first 7km was fast, rolling dual carriageway before it hooked left onto narrower, quieter and winding country lanes. The road surface could kindly be described as rutted. I had recce’d the course on both my TT and road bike and whilst I felt much more confident with access to my brakes on the twisting descents, I knew the TT bike was faster and this game is all about speed.

My initial focus was not to go off too hard; I know I can easily convince myself with adrenaline and fresh legs that I can power out 270w, only for my engine to splutter half way round and have nothing left in my legs. In order to get the fastest overall time in a TT you need to maintain your maximal sustainable power throughout the race. I am starting to believe this so I held back on those first few ups; I knew there would be plenty of opportunity to burn those matches later in the course.

I tried not to focus on the woodland glade of bluebells and I held my nerve on the TT bars on most of the descents. I kept an eye on my average power, urging it upwards as the kilometres were banked and keeping the pressure up whenever the incline fell. 

So when my friends and club mates afterwards asked me how it went, I could confidently reply that I was pleased. I came 9th, number 8 was 1 second faster, (there is always someone 1s faster than you!), a guy who always smokes me on club runs beat me by just 2s, I was 2nd fastest lady in my club, I was 3 minutes faster than I had been on my recce ride. That’s the beauty of TT, you can cut it any way you like. I can tell by the pained expression on the photos that Nick (my boyfriend) took near the finish flag that I emptied every last bit of power onto that course and did the very best ride I could. I am incredibly proud to be nudging up closer to some genuinely excellent athletes, ladies who inspire me to keep fighting for that extra second whenever I don my aero helmet.

It was super to have such a large field of women at the event, I hope some will be tempted to peruse the strange course codes and sign up to any that work.

Here’s a link to the photos Nick took near the finish; feel free to download, check out your TT position or to see what a TT looks like! flic.kr/s/aHskvRMzU

Congratulations to Matilde Paul (Sigma Sport RT)  who won the women’s scratch and to Therese Coen (London Pheonix) who won the women’s road bike category.  Updated league results will be published this week. We will be supporting the London Dynamo TT in Richmond Park on June 26th as part of our Summer League calendar. It’s a perfect opportunity to try a TT in a stunning environment.  Entries haven’t opened yet but keep your eyes peeled on the LWR channels for more info!

*******DIARIES AT THE READY*********

The LWR Summer Calendar is now….here! Links will be live very soon via our webpage here!

We are very excited to be looking ahead to the summer whilst still having some exciting racing going on during spring.

We have some very exciting new sponsors to announce too so watch this space for more information.

WE ALSO have some very exciting prize announcements to come soon for the spring league! It’s non stop!


LWR is proud to announce that we have partnered with Revolve 24 to run a first of it’s kind Women’s Omnium event at Brand Hatch motor circuit on September 10th. It’ll be a massive race and challenge to end the first season of London Women’s Racing. More details to follow!

LWR Summer Calendar