It ain’t what you do…


…it’s the way that you do it. We want everyone to enjoy racing and get the most from it. That’s best achieved when everyone has the skills and confidence to ride safely. We don’t insist that you take part in a training session before joining the league, but we do strongly encourage it, and to entice you to come along, we will award 10 league points just for turning up!*

*10 points will be awarded to LWR members who attend an LWR affiliated crit/road training date. Only one set of training points available per LWR league calendar.


Suggested Sessions to join

CRIT/RR: Saturday January 21st, 2017

Run by SERRL (South East Road Race League) at Cyclopark, Kent

Sign up HERE 

CRIT/RR: Sunday March 5th, 2017

This session is run by LWR through coach Huw Williams, at Cyclopark, Kent

Sign up HERE

TIME TRAILS: Saturday February 25th, 2017

Run by LWR, Coach James Spragg at Cyclopark, Kent 0900

Sign up HERE

There are more training sessions in the works for riders of all levels, including those with more race experience. We’ll also be running masterclasses on different disciplines, such as hill climbing. Watch this space and @LDNwomensracing for more details.

Huw also runs additional British Cycling-sponsored sessions, and you can check out British Cycling’s Racesmart initiative for more advice.