Questions on the day

What if I have questions about how the race will work?

At the beginning of each race the ‘Commissaires’ (volunteers trained by British Cycling to ensure safe and fair racing, read more about them here) will give a short briefing – covering the format of the race, the key information about the start, course, finish and any particular rules they feel necessary to highlight.

The Commissaires will be very well trained but also very used to giving briefings, and may use shorthand, or ask people if they don’t know something, rather than if they do. If you are new to racing this is the point where you’ll be able to ask any questions you have. No question is too stupid – if you want to know something about how to race and what the rules are, ask in the briefing (or if you know your query ahead of time, you might be able to ask a race organiser beforehand). That might be: how you will know the final laps are approaching, how you’ll be notified about the final lap, what you should do if there’s a crash, rules of riding on open roads, what to do if you are dropped or lapped, how far to ride after the finish line, etc. Anything and everything to do with a safe and fair race.

We encourage you to both ask, and ask for clarification if something isn’t clear or you didn’t hear it, as it only makes for safer, fairer racing.