*******DIARIES AT THE READY********* The LWR Summer Calendar is now….here! Links will be live very soon via our webpage here! We are very excited to be looking ahead to the summer whilst still having some exciting racing going on during spring. We have some very exciting new sponsors to announce too so watch this space for more information. WE ALSO have some very exciting prize announcements to come soon for the spring… Read More

RACE 02 | 19th March 2016 | Full Gas: March Hare Classic | Cyclopark LWR race number two of the season saw again an unprecedented number of entrants, a total of 31 bracing the icy winds for the women’s E1234 race at the Cyclopark in Gravesend on Saturday. The bunch was mixed with a good handful of cat 2’s and then mainly 3’s and 4’s. Right from what seemed like the first hairpin, 5th… Read More

I often get asked by many women thinking about racing where to start. Perhaps you have joined a club but don’t quite know where you go from there? Perhaps others in the club already race and you are too daunted to join them? Have no fear – 6 years ago I was exactly the same! Hopefully this quick guide will give you an idea of where to start! TYPES OF RACING There… Read More