We’re delighted to release the final standings for the two LWR 2017 Leagues! You can read the final TT league standings over on the TT results page, and the Crit/RR League standings on this results page here. There are also a couple of special prizes for most improved and best junior rider, announced on the Crit/RR League standings page. Make sure you come along on the 21st July to the PRIZE-GIVING AND… Read More

A race report from the sixth LWR 2017 crit/RR league crit race, hosted by SCC Hackney programme of Saturday races at Velopark, at the 2012 Olympic site in the heart of East London. Report and pics are a joint effort from the LWR team racing and marshalling. League standings will be up ASAP on the crit/rr results page. 

Co-TT Sec Julie Chasin reports on the fifth TT of the 2017 LWR League. To read the full results, head over to the TT Results Page, and to read about race 1, head over here, race 2, over here, race 3 here and race 4 here. You can also see the Twitter Moment of tweets from the day here.