TT League Rules

1. The London Women’s Racing Time Trial Series is open to any female cyclist who is at least 12 years of age on 01/01/20. British Cycling Cat 2 and above racers are welcome to take part in the Time Trial Series, however they will not be eligible to participate in the Road/Crit series.

2. The Series comprises seven events organised by CTT affiliated clubs. If for any reason the organising club does not hold an event as planned, or if necessary for any other reason (for example, a postponement due to roadworks or bad weather), an alternate event has been selected. Any change will be communicated to Series participants by email, through the Series website and through social media.

3. Competitions for individuals will be held based on the points scored in various categories in each event. There will also be a team competition. Each rider will automatically compete in all the competitions for which they are eligible.

4. League organizers will assign riders to categories for the purposes of this series based on their reported PB time when registering.  Categories are  Aero 1, Aero 2, Road Bike and Road Bike Vet.

  1. Any British Cycling Cat 1 or 2 rider participating in the series on a road bike will be entered in the Aero 2 category or above (depending on their PB)
  2. Any road bike participant aged 40 and above on 1/3/20 will be entered in the Road Bike Vet category.
  3. Riders in the road bike categories may not have any aero equipment advantages. This includes bar extensions, deep dish wheels beyond 40 mm and aero helmets.

6. Following each event, points will be awarded as follows:

  1. The first placed rider in each category receives 100 points.
  2. The remaining riders score points in proportion to the number of riders that they have beaten. The formula for calculating your points score is (rounded to the nearest whole number):

((Number of Series participants you beat or equal + 1) ÷ (number of finishing Series participants)) x 100

7. Prizes will be awarded to the fastest rider in each category at the end of the series:

  1. Prizes will be based on a points competition between riders in the same LWR TT series category based on actual times.
  2. Each rider’s three best points scores will be used to determine their final points in the TT series category classifications. In the event of a tie, the riders’ 4th best results will be used. In the event of the result still being a tie, the 5th best results will be used and so on.

8. If a Series participant receives a penalty for starting a Series event later than her allocated start time, the Series organisers will discount that penalty in calculating the points allocations for that event, and for the series overall.  This will not affect the result of the event, and any deduction from the event result will be at the discretion of the event organiser.